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Are there are trading Robots Works

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# 19.09.2023 - 01:26:02

Are there are trading Robots that Actually work and make money consistently in the forex markets?
The sure answer to this question is YES. But the longer longer version is that, it is very difficult to find a forex robot that makes money non-stop. Most of the robots you will find out there are overhyped will break your trading account at some point in time. So where is this magical forex robot that makes so much money? Well, it is locked way inside the Medailon hedge Fund. This hedge fund was founded in 1991 by Jim Simons and since then it has achieved an average annual return of about 30%. The hedge fund is run based on trading algorithm AKA robots. This fund has been locked locked from the outside world and currently receives investments only from its members.
visit this website: , they have some of the best forex robots in the world with well proven track records. Some of their robots have achieved an average annual return of more than 50% since the year 2015.
Buy Forex EA Online( ) is a reputable company when it comes to programming and selling of Forex Robots. Visit their website now and get the best Expert advisor from their store.
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