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ACV Keto Gummies Scam, Sunny Days Keto A

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The doctor is in and we're learning why we aren't having sex, how to naturally increase sexual intimacy, have a healthy sex life, and reconnect with your partner. Dr Anna Cabeca has just recently launched Sexual CPR and she's coming on the show to share why having sexual intimacy with our partner is one of the most important priorities for couples. This topic has been so important to me as I begin to explore my own sexual health, working on body shame in moments of intimacy, and working through receiving love from a balanced place.

If you let yourself eat whatever you want, will you gain 500 pounds? Today's episode with Amanda Parry is all about healing your relationship to food, changing your perception, finding balance, and understanding wellness outside of diet culture. Answering your questions from how to incorporate root veg on your keto diet (or should you??), what CBD oil I use for our dogs, and how to approach measuring your ketones.

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